mrblondy: Hatar inte att fylla år på ocean! Gubbar gubbar gubbar gubbar gubbar gubbar

mrblondyHatar inte att fylla år på ocean! Gubbar gubbar gubbar gubbar gubbar gubbar

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sonicsean89 said: You call people broken flip phones?

I call people things that annoy or disgust me.

Therefore, broken flip phone, expired jar of mayonnaise, box of used tampons, the ending of the “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy — you know, really mean shit.


This guy is getting into Welcome to Nightvale and it’s best to stay the fuck away. He’s a bad guy. What kind of bad guy?

The kind that has been lying since for-fucking-ever and has a pattern he follows in every fandom he can get in. The kind that blames all of the abusive, terrible things he’s done on mental illnesses though his diagnoses never remain the same. The kind that has done really terrible things to people (one survivor of his abuse/cult shit describes his shaming of her body and jesus, massive trigger warning for awful body shaming). 

Andy is also transphobic: he states he was assigned female at birth, but identifies as a cis straight man since he’s totally not trans, as us trans men are somehow not as man of a man as he is.

Not that it matters to him that he doesn’t ID as anything related to the LGBT community, because he’ll be happy to appropriate our pain and suffering for his cause shamelessly.

There’s much more crap you can find out. This guy is thirty now and is still targeting younger people (you may have seen him posting his number in places telling you to call him if you feel unhappy, which is probably one of the more dangerous things you can do.

You can read more about him here:

"And I’m prouder of that than if I’d simply been ‘good’ from the beginning": Why I Think Andy Blake is (still) Dangerous

ATF links This one is super useful as it has a whole bunch of links to the warning blogs.

Primer on Andy Blake

The warning that went out to the Teen Wolf fandom that he also tried to weasle in on.

You can also find more info on him in the andythanfiction and thanfiction tags on tumblr. Don’t try “Andy Bake” or “Andrew Blake”, however, as that’s the name of a famous porn director. Fun fact, he picked that name to make it harder to trace him, so that’s not sketch at all.

So stay safe. He’s a bad guy with a terrible record. Don’t let his shitty art copy pasting/painting over fool you.

trigger warning: sexual assualt tw: sexual assault tw: abuse trigger warning: abuse tw: cult trigger warning: cult tw: fat shaming trigger warning: fat shaming

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Anonymous said: Is #38 in the first picture of the Kids BHC 2014 photo set the guy who played OC in Miracle?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Repeat When Necessary


Because this keeps coming up.

You are the perfect size, shape, gender, and sexuality to cosplay that character you love. 

I’m not saying you are NEARLY the perfect size, shape, gender and sexuality to play that character you love.

I am saying you are the EXACTLY CORRECT AND PERFECT size, shape, gender and sexuality to cosplay that character you love.

I know this because that character and I are friends and they TOLD me. It was at a Ben And Jerry’s, over milkshakes. They QUITE SPECIFICALLY SAID that they wished you would cosplay them because the match was so perfect.


They said naysayers can go **** themselves. 

Thank you.


PS.  Good milkshakes, B&J! 


Jonny takes a selfie with the fans at the 2014 Convention

head canon: tazer didn’t know what a selfie was til he heard the chainsmokers in the club and now he’s obsessed

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I remember when I went to Comic-Con six years ago

It ended with me crying uncontrollably and hugging a pier because I was having a full-blown panic attack brought on by what I believe was sensory overload

And that’s why I’ll never go back the end

tiptoews asked johnny oduya or pk subban

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Best friends Kris Versteeg and Dave Bolland have a fight at the 2009 All-Star Game (x)

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