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not as good as the Crawford story!

I really don’t understand why people enjoy the Crawford story so much.

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OK BUT LIKE AMAZING THO. The camera just magically decides not to work so you got to grope him twice. But honestly, you sound cool & collected. I on the other hand, almost walked away from my Raanta photo sans purse till the lady said something oops

I’ve decided that the only reasons I was cool and collected was because I was sober and not completely sleep-deprived.

So maybe I should stick with that.

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So true it hurts….I would feel shame but I don’t think I can! And I never got to ask you about your Smith experience, so run it down for me please?? :)


I finally ambled my way down to the Smith line around noon-ish, because I already had my wristband, so why be in a hurry, right? Right!

There was already a bit of a line in front of me, so I’m just sitting there in line, chillin’. At one point, Smith goes over to the side of the stage to talk to the people working there, and there’s a collective gasp among the people in line as he turns around. Suddenly, the topic of the moment is “dat ass doe.” Like, immediately. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Anyway, as I’m in line, I see people going in for hugs. Even this older guy was all “he looks like he gives good hugs,” so he got a hug. So now I want a hug. And my brain is going “okay, how can you make this as least awkward as possible?” Because, you know, I strive to make sure people don’t feel awkward. And I don’t want to feel awkward, so let’s try not to make this awkward, okay?

So I hand the security guy my stuff before heading up to where Smith is standing. And when I get near enough to him, I open my arms and go “Alright, I’m goin’ in for the hug.” He chuckles and opens his arms — “Alright,” he mutters — and we hug it out. Then we turn to face the camera, and I wished him a happy belated birthday.

We take the picture, and I’m about to head off when the lady calls me back and says we need to take another picture (the camera’s been acting up before that, so I’m not really surprised). I kind of let out a sarcastic, “Oh, I GUESS — like I really mind,” and we’re both chuckling as we take the picture. I thank him, and I head off.

And that was my Ben Smith experience.

Anonymous said: Did Krugs actually speak during the Swede panel or did he just sit there radiating beauty?

All of the Swedes had to speak one phrase, “Chicago is the best city in the world,” in Swedish. So, yes, he spoke a bit of Swedish. (And, yes, he talked a little bit otherwise, but mostly deferred to Hjalmarsson and Oduya.)

Anonymous said: Why didn't Saad return the favor and grab the butts of Crow and Shawzer? Then it could've been a beautiful festival of butt grabbing because BUTTS. WHHHYYYY?

I just want to know why Shaw wanted Crawford to grab Saad’s butt.

atravelerinspirit said: Can I just say that I'm still not over the collective hotness that was the Swede panel? Maaaaan I am so beyond glad I made it to that one!!


I understand tho

Anonymous said: Shoutout to DarthTulip for all the awesome gifs!!!

Seriously. Thanks, darthtulip!

7/19/14: “What was your feeling that seminal moment (when you picked up the Conn Smythe trophy) - what was racing through your head?”

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7/18/14: Sempai and mini-sempai [X]
7/18/14: Sempai and mini-sempai [X]

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