Amanda Bickell, Elina Hjalmarsson and my fave Dayna Seabrook will model in the Woman’s Board of Rush University Medical Center - 88th Annual Fashion Show. Great organization - you can donate to your favorite model.

Here’s the link.

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10 Songs Tag

I was tagged by iarl93 to list ten random songs on shuffle.

Links go to videos so you can listen to them yourself, because I like sharing music with other people.

  1. Mary Lambert - She Keeps Me Warm
  2. The Black Keys - Gold On The Ceiling
  3. Wale ft. Lady Gaga - Chillin
  4. Elton John - Tiny Dancer
  5. The Clash - Train In Vain
  6. The Four Tops - Reach Out, I’ll Be There
  7. D’Angelo - Lady
  8. Billy Joel - Tell Her About It
  9. Noisettes - Never Forget You
  10. Regina Spektor - Fidelity

I’m not tagging anyone because I want you ALL to do it. And link to videos/MP3s/Spotify/whatever you want to share so I can listen to music.



Can we just talk about Brent Seabrook for a minute, please?


Can we just talk about Brent Seabrook for a minute, please?

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Anonymous said: In 6th grade I broke my middle finger playing volleyball and when I was eventually given a splint (the doctor couldn't read the x-rays and didn't think it was broken. smart guy) I got to walk around flipping people off and it was great.

I’ve been doing the exact same thing, lol.

Anonymous said: What do you think of the Stars new mascot?

He looks like Southpaw’s hockey-playing country cousin.

Anonymous said: Your thoughts on the latest Valamov incident and how the Avs should handle it?

Oh, look, a total dick acts in a dickish way and wears a dickish t-shirt. Let me pretend to be shocked.

The Avs should do nothing about this because that’s how they handled his last incident, and no matter how I feel, nothing will change unless his save percentage changes.

chloroplasttv said: So, are you banned from the gym? Or is your trainer just getting really paranoid? Also, feel better soon!

Hopefully, my trainer isn’t giving me the pathetic eyes when I go in tomorrow, or we will have Words.

Anonymous said: Your tags are like little rays of sunshine lighting up my dull existence.

Aww, thanks. :) Like I’ve said before — I’m just glad people read them.

Before you ask — I smashed my finger between two weights on my first day back at the gym after I broke my foot. lol I’m accident prone, bros.

Ask me shit.